What to wear for your location family photo session 

I understand how busy families life is and choosing what to wear for your photo session can feel like another thing to think about. Make it easy with a little thought and these top tips

1. Make sure you’re dressed for the environment

It’s important to think about the location and natural environment around you when choosing outfits.


Make sure the outfits you choose would be the kind of clothes you would normally wear in that environment, just a little smarter than usual.  

Also make sure you dress the whole family for the same weather/location.

E.g. For a shoot in the woods it would be appropriate to wear jeans, wellies, a nice top, scarf or smart/casual dress, tights and boots. Wearing something too smart may look out of place.

2. Pick a colour scheme for a cohesive look in your portraits

Without going over the top its great to have a coordinated approach to the colours you choose. This will give your portraits a cohesive look. Start by selecting one or two items you love such mums scarf or your daughters skirt and then pick two or three colours/tones and work everyone else’s outfits around that.


It’s also a good idea to think about the natural colours that will be around you in your photo location and the season.

If in doubt, always head toward blues which always look great outdoors, regardless of the season!



Choose a beautiful softer palette; think pretty pastels, soft blues, and neutral shades. Check out my Pinterest board with more spring/summer outfit ideas here.



Bolder colours can work really well against an autumn/winter backdrop. Check out my Pinterest board with more autumn/winter outfit ideas here.

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3. Top tips

  • Think timeless and simple

  • Layers are much more flattering than coats and jackets

  • Ladies I really want you to feel confident and beautiful in your photos so if there is anything you are overly conscious of cover up with beautiful scarfs and soft, flattering cardi’s

  • Make sure to avoid tops with branded logo’s as these date easily

At the end of the day this is your photo shoot and more than anything I want you to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing