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Newborn & Baby

Choosing a newborn or baby photographer can be really hard as there are so many wonderful photographers out there however all photographers approach sessions in different ways. Its really important that you find the photographer that is the best fit for your family.  So, let me tell you a little bit about my approach...

1. Sessions indoors or out - Before covid sessions were always at your home, but since the pandemic I've found a new passion for outdoor newborn sessions too. 


2. Beautiful babies - babies are perfect just as they are, there is no need for props, flowery headbands, strange little knitted outfits.


3. Beautiful you - you are also completely and utterly beautiful. Your body has just done the most amazing thing.  Don't put off having these photos taken because you are feeling self conscious. This is the most special time in your life and you will look back on these photos in years to come with pure joy and love - I promise. 

4. Light and space - for sessions at home the first thing I'll do when I come (after we put the kettle on) is to find the best light in your home. I don't need much space,  a standard size bedroom is fine. 

You've just done an amazing thing creating this little miracle.  You now need time and space to get to know each other. 


I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed knowing I'm coming to visit.  Just think of me as a lovely friend who's popping round for a cup of tea!

5. Posing babies - I don't do it full stop. My approach is completely natural and relaxed. I will simply guide you and little one into positions so that you are beautifully lit and then let you focus on each other whilst I capture the love.

6. Connection - this is the biggest, most important thing to me.  I LOVE capturing the connection between you, your partner, new baby and siblings.  All you need to do is to focus on each other and let me do the rest.  


7. Babies at any age - babies change and develop every hour and I don't think there is any perfect age for your photoshoot.  Whether they are only days old, a few week or months whats most important is to document this special time.