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Childhood & Family

My sessions are all about having fun.  They are perfect for your family if you want to capture vibrant, happy memories during a relaxed session inside or out.


Fancy a stunning outdoor session at Arne letting your kids roam free and have fun whilst I snap away? What about a shoot in the dunes at Studland with the beautiful colours of the heather as a backdrop? 

I know how temperamental children (and some grown ups!) can be and so my sessions are really relaxed and I won't put any pressure on you or your children to perform for the camera.  We will simply keep it fun and create a lovely relaxed environment. Even the most reluctant little (and big) ones come round after a while.  When you look back at the photographs from your session I want you to remember the time we spend together with fond, happy memories.

So many family milestones go by without being documented other that iphone photos that you're not in and will probably never get printed. What milestones are happening in your family this year? Have you've got a new addition to the family, children starting school or celebrating becoming a teenager, or maybe an older child preparing to leave home and go travelling or leaving to go to Uni.


Whatever the reason, wouldn't it be amazing to have the time documented with professional photographs?

I love to capture the connection between you, sweet looks, cuddles, kisses, tickles - really everything but you looking straight into the camera.  Which is perfect if you hate having your picture taken.  I can give you advice about what to wear, locations and just about everything else, so there really is no excuse to get your photoshoot booked in the diary with me now!

Large family Photoshoots

Is your family coming together to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary, family reunion or holiday to Dorset?

It’s not very often that whole families are all together to celebrate something special.  If you are planning on being in Dorset to celebrate an anniversary, such as grandparents 50th or mums 70th birthday,  documenting the occasion with professional portraits that everyone is in is such a rare opportunity that shouldn’t be lost.
During an extended family session I always make the most of the opportunity and photograph lots of combinations from big group shots to smaller family groups.  Also, couples and individual portraits and photos of the children.  I love to capture relationships between family members.  Towards the end of the session I can also take headshots for adults or teenagers to be used for professional or social media use.
Effectively a family session is multiple sessions in one and gives you great value for money, especially if you split the cost with other family members.